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Our Toddler Program aims to be both stimulating and nurturing, introducing our little learners to a host of new and exciting activities in an environment tailored to their need for love and affection.

Toddler Program

Welcome to school! As a first introduction to this type of environment, our goal is to create a program in which Toddlers realize that school and learning are fun! Toddlers take part in activities such as art, sensory exploration, science experiments and observations, music and movement, story time, water play and outdoor fun.  Through each of these activities, we help them navigate new social situations, develop their language skills, identify their feelings and strengthen their small and large gross motor skills.

Our toddler teachers comprise a team of loving professionals who have obtained additional education in the development of this age group. From our talented staff, they receive the love, safety and attention that they deserve and need. Our primary goal is to ensure a nurturing environment in which each child feels secure and confident enough to flourish.

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